Music Worx App – The ultimate music streaming app for DJs and music fans

The Music Worx app is at the heart of the modern music world, offering a highly user-centric experience with its intuitive and modern design. As the leading music streaming app and music download app in EDM, Music Worx stands for quality and versatility. Our music specialists select high-quality music every day, which is offered in lossless HiFi audio quality and in formats such as WAV, FLAC and MP3.

Our app connects music professionals and music fans by offering them a wide range of features such as prime tracks, staff picks, recommendations, promos and exclusive DJ charts. Music enthusiasts have the opportunity to choose from a variety of genres such as EDM, House, Techno and many others and stream or download their favorite tracks.

Especially for DJs, the Music Worx app is an indispensable DJ platform app. DJs can create music playlists on the go, then perform them live in their sets and also have access to extensive functions for music management and promotion. The direct connection to numerous radio stations extends the reach and visibility of DJs.

Whether streaming, buying or downloading music, the Music Worx app is the one-stop solution for high-quality music and professional DJing.

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  • We only offer selected music from our music specialists
  • We offer high quality lossless FLAC streaming
  • Find hundreds of new songs every day that match your music style
  • Manage your followers and get their music news directly on your smartphone
  • We have the simplest approach to managing your playlists quickly
  • You can download the playlists and stream them offline
  • As a DJ, you can create your playlists in the app and later perform them live in your mixing software
  • We offer full-length mixes that are normally only intended for DJs
  • Add tracks to your likes and then buy them via the web