Streamify –Advanced music fingerprint and reporting system

Streamify supports artists with its cloud-based music fingerprint and reporting system. Our mission is to provide 100% transparency in clubs and events for genres such as dance, hip hop, Latin, pop and electronic music. Streamify provides copyright management organizations (CMOs) with accurate and fair billing for artist performances based on real-time data.

Our innovative software solution, which can be utilized on mobile devices as well as Windows and MAC computers, puts Streamify at the forefront of technology. The music recognition and tracking capability is truly outstanding – Streamify recognizes more than 95% of the current 100 million songs.

A distinctive feature of Streamify is offline recording. The software does not require an online connection for tracking, so the recordings are made offline and can simply be transferred to the cloud the next time you have an internet connection – it couldn’t be simpler! This feature not only offers convenience, but also flexibility and efficiency. Streamify MRT (Music Fingerprint Technology) is the ideal solution for transparent and user-friendly music monitoring and evaluation.

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Music Professionals


  • Cloud-based music fingerprint reporting system
  • Fully automated processes
  • For both stationary and mobile use
  • Works offline too
  • Cost-efficient and reliable solution
  • Eliminates manual processing
  • Maximum data privacy and security