Streamify - MRT

    App-based music fingerprint technology for fair music usage rating and offline recording.

  • Music Platform

    Web Design

    Music Worx - Download & Streaming

    The premium music platform for HiFi music streaming, download and DJ charts, ideal for professionals and music fans.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Music Worx - Mobile App

    EDM streaming and download platform with HiFi audio, DJ charts and integrated app for fans and DJs.

  • Software


    Streambox & Mixworx

    DJ streaming software for online/offline streaming in high quality, compatible with Mixworx and other DJ tools.

Innovative Minds - Technologies for the next generation.

At Pro Conecta AG, we combine advanced technology and innovation as an integral part of our daily business. With our ambitious remote tech team specialized in advanced music streaming solutions and music fingerprint technologies, we respond quickly and efficiently to market demands. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is pivotal in our product development processes, especially in the development of Streamify, our innovative music fingerprinting and reporting system.
As a pioneering player in the competitive music streaming market, we are standing out with our brands Music Worx, Streambox, Mixworx and Streamify. Our Music Fingerprint Technology (MRT) with Streamify aims to create 100% transparency for artists.